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The Art Of Handmade Beaded Lace
Haute couture fashion is defined by unique textiles used to create eye-catching looks. It is not a secret that the most exclusive and sophisticated textile is made by hand, as there is no better than a personal touch.
Handmade Beaded Lace is the most delicate and refined type of fabric and the process of making it is just like creating any piece of art.
When the idea is in the textile designer's mind, it will first become into drawing sketch. Then the process of finding and the perfect materials combination such as beads, crystal stones, pearls, sequins, fringes, or flowers is starting. Of course, choosing the colors that will create harmony is one of the most important things in this process.
Once the idea is well expressed, it's time to produce the perfect swatch. Then is when the fabric can finally be produced. As the production of the fabric is all made by hand the work is much more delicate and time-consuming than any other type of couture fabric.
Despite the long process of making Heavy Beaded Embroidery, this type of fabric is one of the most used types in the haute couture world, as it can elevate even the simplest dress. The most famous fashion & haute couture houses use Beaded laces to create exclusive designs that will stand out. They are well aware that every woman dreams of her shiny evening gown that will look on her as a luxury jewel.

How To Look After Beaded Laces
As a luxury fabric, it should be treated like any expensive item you own, gently. The right way to clean this type of fabric is by a dry-clean. In some cases, it could be ok to wash it by hand while you make sure to gently treat the garment and not agitate it. You can fill a bathtub or large sink with cold water and use a small amount of mild soap. Hand washing is not suitable for any kind of Beaded Sequin Lace, so always test with a small swatch and/or consult the producer regarding your case.

Tips for making a garment with Beaded Lace
Sewing with beaded lace will required more delicate work, but of course, it will be worth it as you will create a luxury garment that will stand out! Before starting a project it is important to figure out how you will sew the Beaded Wedding Fabric. One way is sewing by machine, for that, you have to remove first the beads or any hard materials from your seam allowances before you can stitch your fabric pieces together using a sewing machine. You want to have a clean seam area along each edge. This will provide a professional finish in the final garment and be gentle on your sewing machine. Removing the materials along the seam allowances can be done by hand, or another way is to use a hammer to gently break the beads along with the seam allowances. This way will allow you to sew it by machine, however, you should still be careful and work slowly to make sure that your needle will not break.
Please avoid sewing directly on top of the materials/beads to prevent the final seem to be bulky and not lay flat, causing discomfort to the wearer. Also, you want to prevent your machine needle to be broken. Another approach for sewing beaded 3D Lace/tulle is to sew all the parts together by hand, although it will be a more time-consuming, slip stitching the seam allowance down will provide smooth, flat seams and a more comfortable, long-lasting fit.

Important tip: While you can iron a beaded lace (when done with proper techniques), it is not recommended to iron it multiple times. Therefore, a great tip is to use a slip stitch to keep the seam allowance layers flat and pointing in the desired direction (instead of ironing them). While it can be time consuming, slip stitching the seam allowance down will provide smooth, flat seams and a more comfortable, long lasting fit.

The major selling point is the glamour factor. The bride is the center of attention and some sparkle and glitz add to the attraction of any dress. The glint and glimmer of diamantes and sequins is both bewitching and seductive. As captivating as a bit of sparkle can be there’s a range of how shiny and sparkly each Beaded Bridal Lace will take you. A subtle embellishment of a few translucent sequins can transform a lace from pretty to enchantingly stunning. Ivory Sequinned Lace - Pleasance Lace and Ivory Sequinned lace - Etta are gorgeous examples of this.
The addition of light beading in the form of tubular or round beads, pearls or sometimes with a light sprinkling of diamantes makes for a bewitching bride. Ivory Beaded Lace - Ava, Ivory Wedding Lace - Kinsley and Ivory Beaded Lace - Cara are all testament to this. The light beading ensures that the handle of the lace remains light, the fabric drapes well and looks supremely sumptuous. The beading accentuates the beautiful design on the fabric and adds depth and distinction. Choosing beads or sequins of a slightly different color, for example, silver or gold, can change the aspect a lace offers, just look at Ivory beaded Lace - Heaven Lace or Ivory Beaded Lace - Cynthia.

Then there are the Broadway showstoppers, the ‘bring it on, then I’ve got it all’ laces that are festooned with beads offering luxurious opulence. We love them! Let’s take Ivory Beaded Lace – Lanisha adorned with sequins, beads and diamantes. Strings of pearls in soft fluid curving movements have been surrounded by embroidered yarns, pearls and shimmering beads. Throughout the design are layered flowers, each with a diamante centra­lised. And we have not even mentioned the 3D flowers! Of course, these Embroidered Laces are heavier in the handle and intricate to work with. Ivory Beaded Lace – Renata (also available in blush) offers similar opulence where our designer has embroidered a soft ivory tulle base with intricate beading, pearls, sequins, bullion work and filigree thread. These luxurious and exclusive laces do require some investment – but think of what a divine gown they will make.
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