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what is the concrete polishing pad
Wet resin diamond pads are designed for wet polishing of concrete floors. Made with high quality diamonds and high quality resin to ensure high quality polish, fast polishing, high gloss, nice clarity and long life.

Diameter is 3" (76mm) and thickness 10.5mm.
Available grits 30# 50# 100# 200# 400#.
Unique formula ceramic bond make the tool much more aggressive than resin polishing pads, remove scratches of metal grinding pads efficiently.
Chamfer edge pattern with wide slots easy to let slurry come out during polishing.
Widely used as transitional polishing pads between metal grinding pads and resin polishing pads to reduce some steps of resin polishing pads to save labor and cost.
Rubber between resin and velcro to absorb vibration and at the same time to increase adhesiveness between velcro and diamond work surface.
Velcro back for quick change. Different velcro color for different grits.
Mainly used on floor grinders for concrete floor polishing.

Z-LION double button diamond grinding shoes diamond grinding shoes for Scanmaskin floor grinder comes with dovetail which is a little bit smaller than Husqvarna redi-lock. The dovetail fits Scanmaskin floor grinders perfectly. With double button segments the tool is widely used for concrete floor surface preparation like coating removal, lippage removal, surface leveling and grinding etc.

Z-LION diamond sponge polishing pad  also called diamond soft fiber polishing pad or diamond impregnated polishing pad. This big diameter pad is ideal for daily janitorial maintenance. The special features of our sponge polishing pads are as follows:
High quality diamonds are used in the formula and then impregnated in nylon fiber. With unique technology diamonds can be held in nylon fiber in place. It can remove scratches and stains on concrete floors more efficiently and last longer.
Special 25mm thick nylon fiber in mesh structure, soft but with strong grip. High quality fiber base ensure diamond work surface can be used out.
Mesh structure fiber can be attached to grinder or scrubber directly without velcro back.
Can be used in wet or dry applications. When in wet application, need to wash and dry it after use. When in dry application, don't run it for a long time.
Diameter from 3" to 21", 24" 25" 27"and 36" are all available.

Z-LION 16E Dot pattern dry resin polishing pad is a 3.5mm thick floor polishing pad. Formula of this polishing pad is the same as ZL-16AD which is the best selling dry resin polishing pad of Z-LION.  With thinner working surface this pad costs less than 10.5mm thick 16AD, excellent for small projects with limited budget.

Z-LION 123K super shine dry resin polishing pads has the pictured face design with tiny square and round resin segments. Special design and upgraded formula makes the pad possible to lower RA of concrete surface which polished by the pad dramatically.  It is designed for dry polishing, to get higher clarity and super shine polished concrete floors.

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