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Photo TIFF formatında 150DPI render alırken hata alıyorum
Yazar: iwo1905 - 20-07-2021, Saat: 20:33 - Forum: 3DSMAX - VRAY - MENTALRAY SORULARI - Yorum Yok

Merhabalar inşaat tabelası olarak kullanılacak olan 120 cm x 80 cm 150 DPI render almak istediğimde hata alıyorum. Bazen 3Ds max kapanıyor. Başka formatlarda DPI ayarlayamıyor muyuz? Hata ekranını ve render ayarlarının bazı kısımlarını paylaştım yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.

Donanım bilgisi

İşlemci: Intel® Xeon® X3470 İşlemci

Ram: 12 gb

Ekran kartı: MSI RADEON RX 570 ARMOR 4G

Dyn Mem Limit :10300 Olarak ayarladım

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Video Elektrikli Araç Tasarımı
Yazar: halka - 12-07-2021, Saat: 22:28 - Forum: ANiMASYONLAR - Yorum Yok

Kullanılan Programlar : 3dsmax, Twinmotion

Yapım Süresi : Aralıklarla 1 ay

Render Süresi :2 Saat

Çalışma Amacı : Hobi

Açıklama :  Özgün ve benzersiz olmasına özen gösterilmiştir, uygulama kaygısı güdülmeden tasarlanmıştır.

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  Oltaya Gelme
Yazar: My64 - 12-07-2021, Saat: 18:09 - Forum: ANiMASYONLAR - Yorum Yok

Kullanılan Programlar :  3ds max

Yapım Süresi : parça parça çalışarak 2 3 gün

Render Süresi : 2 3 saat

Çalışma Amacı : siber farkındalık

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  Audemars Piguet Replica Watch Royal Oak Offshore 26470ST.OO.A028CR.01
Yazar: ayora - 18-06-2021, Saat: 12:36 - Forum: TAMAMLANMIŞ 3D ÇALIŞMALARI (ÇALIŞMA PAYLAŞIMLARI) - Yorum Yok

3 classic debris far surpasses all estimates - the actual prompt of the watch
Audemars Piguet Royal Maple Permanent Calendar Ref: 255545BA. High Quality Replica watches

This beautiful 39 mm regal oak produced in 1986 is definitely an early production reference for your Royal Oak Automatic Historical past. Only 279 examples had been produced, mainly with precious metal gold, several stainless steel in support of one platinum. Here, this particular watch is a unique instance, which is a black number as well as golden printing.

Patek Philippe Reference: 3974R

In order to commemorate the 150th anniversary associated with Maison Patek Philippe, the reference clock 3974. The rand name produced in 1989 first created a series of automatic permanent calendars, minutes repeater, one of the most complicated watches at that time. The only forerunner of this work is a research. Production and reference within 1939. 3621 production 23 years ago, both of them are the distinctive products of Mr. Demanding Philip. This product is one of the just one in one of the most known items made by rose gold. Made from the particular legendary Shell manufacturer Jean-Pierre Hagmann, still shows JHP seal, absolutely the collection stage of the collector.

Reference Rolex COSMOGRAD DATTONA: 6265

This is simply not to reach a list with this gorgeous " big red" stainless-steel wallet in 1983. Initially, Ref 6265 is the final, with manual wind motion and 37mm housing dimension. This watch with a stunning white number and popular red daytona font, utilizing the legendary Valjoux 727 gadget in 21, 600 VPH in 21, 600 VPH, the previous 722 defeated eighteen, 000 VPH. This illustration shows all parts and stored numbers by time. The entire box and paper connected, including outer packaging. luxury replica watches

Regal oak box is a description element designed, not just due to the identified shape, and because regarding its actual situation. For that reason although dialing is brand new, the case is basically unchanged, and also thicker profiles are saved to accommodate new movements.

The case structure is made up of plurality of complex encounters of the entire watch. Like octagonal baffles consist of 3 planes, all three planes tend to be perpendicularly brushing on top, decorative mirrors on the mirror, and clean horizontally on the vertical part wings - and each is actually separated by a perfect meaning.

Not as well obvious, but the same amazing is the fetus, which can still surround this situation. Like the abri, it consists of three noticeable planes, with different finishes, such as elegant polished bevels operate along the length of the watch and also the bracelet.

Effective mechanics

The appeal ratio of the dial will be provided by CAL. 4401. Right after approximately two decades, CAL. 2385, this is a Fredriko pig. Within 1185, it is gradually outdated, supporting CAL. 4401.

Like CAL. 1185, CAL. 4401 is an incorporated motion having a column steering wheel and a vertical clutch. However CAL. 4401 is a more contemporary movement - CAL. 1185 debuted in 1988 - offers more advanced construction. It is also broad at 32 mm to match 41 mm case. replica watches usa

In the specialized characteristics of CAL. 4401 is now the characteristics involving standards in high-end adjusted.

Use the regulator index, CAL. 4401 features a balance wheel with site visitors, with six inertial prevents for provisions, establishing for example pictures and stability. Which is, the balance spring is toned instead of oil, so there exists a chance to further enhance the university (although at an additional height).

Balance can also be fixed with a full link, rather than anchored classes on a single side, which also enhances stability. It also contains a fascinating detail that blows a lengthy stud holder in the form of any pliers.

Simultaneously, CAL. The 4401 rate of recurrence is 28, 800 occasions per hour, but it still handles convenient 70-hour power supplies that meet the three-day specs for modern watches.

Timing machine system is constructed in a appropriate manner. AAA replica watches

First, the line wheel is very strong, you will find five wide teeth. The actual timing code sheet is usually equally flat, which is unquestionably a conscious decision in order to narrow the movement.

In addition to the column wheel, typically the chronograph table also has some sort of vertical clutch, which means that often the chronograph can be left operating without causing excessive put on on the wheel, which is the situation of the horizontal clutch time code table.

In theory, the vertical clutch system allows for accurate start along with timing seconds because it is triggered and deactivated by rubbing, avoiding playback between the smile of the horizontal clutch. But if the fourth round (rotation per minute) is straight and vertically above the the right time second wheel, it can just remain true. replica Bell & Ross BR 03 watches

In contrast, CALIFORNIA. 4401 has a traditional equipment train with a fourth circular, driving operation seconds. Consequently, the timing seconds will never be directly activated through the up and down clutch. In contrast, the advanced gear transfer energy through the fourth-wheel pinion to the main count seconds, resulting in extra playback between the additional tires (unless the wheel is definitely pouring, it seems that there is no prominent).

That said, CALIFORNIA. 4401 is an excellent rate having a flyback mechanism, which means that further leverages are reset in runtime, allowing instantaneous beginning new measurements.

Sports are detailed, thoroughly clean and accurate, mostly carried out automated methods, but by hand decorated, such as slope within the rotor. Focus on all elements, such as thorough, there is a enhancements made on all parts, no matter how your dimensions are, it is. Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo replica Watches 

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  Emniyet kemerinin önemi / Son Selfie
Yazar: My64 - 07-06-2021, Saat: 22:07 - Forum: ANiMASYONLAR - Yorum Yok

Kullanılan Programlar : 3ds max

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  Drone uğur böceği
Yazar: My64 - 07-06-2021, Saat: 22:05 - Forum: ANiMASYONLAR - Yorum Yok

Kullanılan Programlar : 3ds max

Yapmayı planladığım oyun için yaptığım çalışmam

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  Karşıdan karşıya doğru şekilde geçiş trafik kuralı animasyon
Yazar: My64 - 07-06-2021, Saat: 22:01 - Forum: ANiMASYONLAR - Yorum Yok

Kullanılan Programlar : 3ds max

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  Uşak islamoğlu oyunu
Yazar: My64 - 07-06-2021, Saat: 21:59 - Forum: ANiMASYONLAR - Yorum Yok

Kullanılan Programlar : 3ds max

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Yazar: My64 - 07-06-2021, Saat: 15:19 - Forum: ANiMASYONLAR - Yorum Yok

Kullanılan Programlar : 3dsmax

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  Adidas Tubular Defiant Negras Blancas
Yazar: u82tqijw - 05-06-2021, Saat: 09:30 - Forum: TAMAMLANMIŞ 2D ÇALIŞMALARI - Yorum Yok

El modelo exclusivo de mujer luce una parte superior Primeknit realizada en los colores Sun Glow antes mencionados. Además de la estética del zapato, se encuentra el patrón gráfico colocado en la base Primeknit. El cuello del tobillo, el talón y los paneles también vienen en el mismo tono para crear una parte superior tonal limpia. A continuación encontrará una unidad de suela tubular blanca para completar el look del zapato.

Apodado "Sun Glow", el Nuevos Zapatos Adidas 2021 ve una mezcla de coral y blanco en su parte superior Primeknit transpirable, que está decorada con un patrón de "falla" único. Además, se ve un tono naranja pastel a juego en los paneles laterales de fieltro, el talón, la etiqueta de la lengüeta y los cordones. Todos estos se sientan sobre una unidad de suela blanca limpia. Véalo usted mismo en la galería de arriba.

Adidas ha decidido añadir algo a este último colorway de Adidas Tubular Defiant Negras Blancas. Esta versión del parece estar construida con una tela similar a un vellón y algún tipo de gamuza que se usa para los paneles. Se usa elástico para la correa, mientras que se puede ver más ante en el talón. Las características nuevas notables en el zapato incluyen la marca "BANNED FROM NORMAL" en el talón y los gráficos de estrellas tonales y los ya mencionados impresos en la correa elástica del mediopié. El blanco en la suela tubular y la marca de la lengüeta completan el look.

El En Venta adidas Tubular Defiant es otra silueta más en la popular gama adidas Originals Tubular. Eso, combinado con un tratamiento superior triple negro, solo distraído por el talón estampado, da como resultado una nueva zapatilla sólida en general. Puedes comprar las adidas Tubular Defiant negras triples ahora de SUPPA.

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